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Abbreviation: BEL = Bandenkick eSport League

§1 - General:

The Bandenkick eSport leagues offer every team for the EA Sports FC24 soccer simulation in clubs the opportunity to register free of charge on the Bandenkick website and to participate in various leagues under certain conditions.

§1.1 - Preliminary provisions :

All currently valid rules must be observed. The league management reserves the right to adapt the rules during and outside of a season. Teams will be informed of any rule changes on the BEL platforms (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). 

The rules are automatically accepted as soon as a team joins the BEL leagues.

§1.2 - Code of Conduct:

Participating teams must ensure that their behavior is respectful and fair. This includes insults, threats, attempts to cheat or other counterproductive, antisocial behavior. Failure to comply with this code of conduct will result in appropriate action.

§1.2.2 The subsequent rejection of parts of the rules and regulations entitles the admin team to to impose corresponding bans until the facts of the case have been clarified. If a clarification is not possible, this will result in the mandatory exclusion of the team.

§2 - Participation requirements:

In order to participate in the BEL leagues, it is essential to have Xbox Series, Playstation 5 or PC (NewGen), as well as EA FC24, Playstation Plus or Xbox Live, and a BEL account.

§2.1 - Conditions of participation:

Binding registration for the Bandenkick eSport League takes place exclusively via the website by creating an account and, if applicable, a team. Participation without creating a team is only possible if you as a player send an application to join an existing team and this is approved.

§3 - Team and squad:

Each responsible team manager or VM must announce his squad of at least 15 players before the start of the league. players or sign a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 players in the squad before the players. The squad registration does not have to be submitted to the league director. Each squad is published on the Bandenkick website.

§3.1 - In order for players to be accepted into the team squad, a membership application for membership must be sent to the club/association, which can then be accepted or rejected by a club manager.

§3.1.1 - Each player may only play for 1 team in the BEL. Cross-team playing in several different teams is therefore prohibited. The creation of multiple accounts is also prohibited.

§3.1.2 - Every player in the squad must be at least twelve years of age.

§3.2 - PSN ID / Gamertag / Origin ID:

Every player is obliged to keep their PSN ID/Gamertag/Origin ID up to date. If the PSN ID/Gamertag/Origin ID does not match the created account profile, penalty points can be awarded by means of an objection. 

It is up to the admins to decide whether this is a serious error or whether it can be corrected with a warning.

We would like to point out that, first and foremost, everyone must ensure that their own details are correct, but that the club managers are obliged to check the respective player before accepting the contract.

Each player must enter his ID in the game as a pseudonym. If the ID is too long, the name must be entered as long as possible. Special characters cannot be inserted and will be skipped. If the system does not recognize the alias or declares it invalid, enter a recognizable similarity to the PSN. It is also sufficient if a similarity of the ID can be read or guessed. A completely different undefinable alias is prohibited and will be penalized with one penalty point after a warning. 


Every player must be registered. A player who is not registered and therefore not under contract must be forfeited and will be scored 0:3.

§3.3 - Invalid game:

If a game is decided at the green table and a 3:0 Defwin/Deflose is awarded, this game is this game is considered invalid.

All cards from this game are not scored. Likewise, no scorers and assists are also not counted.

§3.4 - Objection:

As a rule, a matchday objection only counts for the one match after the objection was was lodged. The league management reserves the right to make an exception for all matches in cases of gross negligence or if fraud has been committed with intent. In this case disqualification and player banishment is possible.

§3.4.1 - Account sharing will be penalized with immediate effect. The probative value is decisive The form of the punishment is decisive.

This can range from a simple exclusion of non-cash prize winnings in the interests of of sporting fairness, to immediate disqualification and banishment of players. 

The league management reserves the right of sole jurisdiction.

Cheating through manipulation in any form will also be penalized.

§4 - Number of players:

BEL EU: At least 9 players must be active in the game at the start of the game.

§4.1 - If a team has too few commitments for a match, the respective team manager must inform the opponent.

§4.1.1 - The game is played in the BEL EU up to 8+1. If there are fewer than 9 players, the opposing team is defaulted if the opponent does not wish to play.

§4.2 - Goalkeeper and Any:

The goalkeeper is mandatory and must not be controlled by the "Any". must be controlled by the "Any". The "Any" position is also mandatory with the maximum possible number of players (11).

§5 - Scheduling of matches:

There are 2 games to be played per week. The match time is Wednesday 20:30 and 21:00 UK time. Loading time max. 10 minutes.

§6 - Postponement of matches:

A game postponement can be submitted until Tuesday 20.00 at the latest. This must be entered in Discord under #Game postponements.

If a match date has been agreed, the new date must be reported and entered immediately in the Discord channel #Match postponement. If one of the two teams is still not present after 10 minutes on the rescheduled date, the game will be scored 3:0 for the team present.

§7 - Invitation to play:

Each team is obliged to make contact.

The home team invites the visiting team. The home team can swap home if there are connection problems or the home team cannot find the away team. 

After the 4th kick-off, as a result of the 4th invitation, the opposing team may plead to continue to play.

§8 - Aborting/restarting the game:

Should one or more players have a disconnect within the first 5 "in-game minutes", the disconnect, the affected team can leave the game and restart the game. restart the game. If one or more goals are scored within the first 5 "in-game minutes", the game may no longer be left. (Exception: The goal is scored while the opposing team is leaving the game). If the minimum number of players is not met, the opposing team may also leave the game. The same applies here, after the 4th kick-off. As a result of the 4th invitation, the opposing team can plead for play to continue. 

Please bear in mind that the league manager can only intervene here by means of video evidence.

§9 - Size regulation:

The following height restrictions apply in BEL competitions:

In a 3-man formation, the central defenders may not be taller than 1.80 m/189 cm and all other players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, may not be taller than 1.80 m/184 cm. 

In a 4-man formation, the central defenders plus one player may play in the following positions 


must not be taller than 1.90 m, and all other players except the goalkeeper must not be taller than 1.80 m.

A team must protect itself by recording its height at half-time or at any time during the match in order to prove that this rule has not been violated. If a team is unable to provide proof, the match is deemed to have been lost. (Goals scored are invalid. If the opponent has not scored a goal, the match is scored 1:0).

§10 - Behavior in game:

§10.1 - Time play: Deliberate interruption of the flow of play, for example by shielding the ball at the corner flag for several minutes, is prohibited.

§10.2 - Bugs: The 99 glitch and all other bugs that provide an illegal advantage may not be exploited/used. 

§10.3 - Blocking/pushing: If a goalkeeper is deliberately blocked or harassed, prevented from performing his actions and/or brought down and this creates a situation arises, this will be penalized as a violation of §2. In this case the goalkeeper must not make any recognizable running movement in the direction of the player. 

§10.4 - Positioning: Positioning on the goal line or behind the wall during a free kick is prohibited. It is considered an infringement if it actively interferes with the game.

§10.5 - Animations: In principle, no animations with the directional pad during a penalty kick or free kick. 

§10.6 - Goalkeeper's tee: The goalkeeper must not be blocked when taking the tee. It is forbidden to penetrate the opponent's penalty area during goalkeeper's tee shots. 

§10.7 - Penalty kicks are allowed.

§11 - Reporting of results:

Results must be reported immediately after the match by one of the two teams by 22.30 UK time at the latest.

The entry of the complete match report is mandatory and must be completed by Friday 23.00 UK time at the latest.

Pictures, result, line-up, goals and cards are mandatory. The 100% correct entry of positions in the match report will not be penalized but only serves as a guide.

§11.1 - Card suspension:

1. after the fifth yellow card, the player is suspended for the first match of the following matchday week. 

2. in the case of a yellow-red card, the player is suspended for the first match of the following matchday week.

3. in the case of a red card, the player is suspended for 2 matches in the following matchday week. 

Next matchday week = the next consecutive matches in the fixture list. This means that if the player receives a red card on matchday 3, he is still eligible to play until 11.59 p.m. on the same day, but must then sit out the following week or the 2 subsequent matches.

If a bot of an Any player receives a sending off, the Any player is not suspended. Only if his own Pro is affected.

§12 - Banned players / Black List:

If a player is banned due to incidents and is on the blacklist, he is not allowed to not be allowed to compete in the BEL leagues with a new account.

If it is subsequently established through evidence that an account was created via a new registration, players and VMs will be held liable directly. will be held liable. Retroactive point deductions can be imposed by the league management at its own discretion.

§13 - Final provisions:

We distance ourselves from the decisions and rules of the VPG, PGS, VPL, LPL, PL, PLA or other leagues, but are nevertheless always in exchange about general mutual or joint improvements. 

A refund of the entry fee after the start of the season will be refused in all cases. Bandenkick and its league operations are not associated with EA-Sports in any business activity.

The league director reserves the right to make rule adjustments before and during the season.